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Rubber joint

The market demand of rubber joint is larger,Also led to the manufacturer,The product price is uneven,Especially the quality problem,With the development of the society in recent years,Customer need the quality of the products will be more and more high,More pay attention to the normal operation of the pipeline。The end of rubber joint series…... More and more

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   Gongyi city hua ding water supply materials co., LTD. Was founded in1986Years,Is the production of pipe fittings、Water supply and drainage materials professional enterprise。The main production of productsRubber joint series,Pipe fittings、Expansion pipe series,Steel dowel joint series,Stainless steel corrugated compensator,Waterproof casing series。Power plant smoke、The wind、Coal series pipeline compensator,The valve series and other series products,Unique design,Novel structure is reasonable,Reliable performance,To the engineering construction、Maintenance to bring convenience and benefits。

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  • Rubber joint use cases
  • The central air-conditioning installation of rubber joint case
  • Rubber bend case presentation
  • Reducing rubber joint exhibition
  • Soft rubber joints installation site
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