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Hebi city instrument co., LTDHebi city acs instrument co., LTD Professional development、The production of coal sampling analysis instrument

Products are widely used in electric power、Coal、Metallurgy、Petrochemical industry、Environmental protection、Geology、
Cement、Colleges and universities laboratory and technical supervision, and other industries and departments、Laboratory
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Acs instrument

High quality Test fast1.Security

The built-in security protection,Intelligent control

2.Energy saving

Comprehensive energy consumption rate is low


Furnace body can rotate freely,Take the lofting and convenient

4.Easy to use

All Chinese menu interface,Simple easy to operate


Monitoring control computer system,Real-time monitoring

6.The guarantee

After-sale technical problems in a timely manner to solve communication

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Yinghua professional to provide for you-Coal quality analysis products Intelligent operation     Stable performance

High quality instrumentationProfessional development、In the production of coal sampling analysis instrument High and new technology enterprise,Professional build coal quality analysis products,Production Products are widely used in electric power、Coal、Metallurgy、Petrochemical industry、Environmental protection 、Geology、Cement、Colleges and universities, and technical supervision, and other industries And the department of laboratory、Laboratory

Professional production technologyHebi acs have professional production line,The company strictly According to theISO9001Quality management system for tube Manage and production

The high-end production equipmentHebi yinghua introduction of professional production equipment and instrumentation A full set of production process,Ensure the stability and product quality Traceability

Strict product testingHebi yinghua yan produced for each new product Product quality inspection,To destroy the unqualified products In handing customer guarantee product quality excellent

Perfect after-sales serviceHas perfect after-sale service system,Professional technical people Member、After-sale to provide after-sales service and detailed、Considerate、 Timely service,Guarantee customers worry-free

Advice immediately13939207189

To provide customers instrument of the analysis instruments and equipment

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Hebi city acs instrument co., LTD. Is a professional development、Production of coal sampling analysis instrument of high and new technology enterprise,Products mainly include coal analysis:The quantity of heat meter(Heat meter)Series,Sulfur meter(Sulfur meter)Series,The muffle furnace series,Moisture meter series,Caking index tester series,Glial layer tester series,Hydrogen meter series,Industrial analyzer series,Hartz grinding apparatus series,The ash melting point meter series,Drum machine series,Crusher series,Sampling machine series and so on。Products

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The analysis principle of sulfur
Various forms of sulfur in coal in no less than1150℃Under the action of high temperature and catalyst,To purify the air flow in the combustion decomposition,Sulfur dioxide generated by electrolysis of potassium iodide and bromide...........
LCD touch the main technology of sulfur pointer
LCD touch the main technology of sulfur pointer 1、The measuring range of sulfur:0-30% 2、Sample combustion analysis time:3-6min,Among them in700℃Place to stay45s。1050℃Place to stay2-4min,...........
Glial layer coal sample preparation work before experiment
1 、The preparing work before test (A)、Coal sample preparation 1、Glial layer coal sample test of coal sample shall meet the following requirements:AIndentation methodGB474《The preparation of coal samples...........
The performance characteristics of automatic industrial analyzer
Performance characteristics l Highly automated:In the sample,Just the click of a mouse can automatically test and print the results,The operation is simple。 l The test is accurate:After about twenty...........
Coal sample test error handling measures
Coal sample test error handling measures 1、Handle the system error System error occurred in the process is relatively simple instrument error,Can introduce advanced instrument...........
Sulfur instrument manufacturer to tell you what is sulfur
Sulfur meter is very common in our life,So what exactly is a sulfur meter,We had not come,Let's have a look at it。 Total sulfur content in coal is coal...........
Detection of oil calorific value of the instrument-Oil heating value instrument installation
Detection of oil calorific value of the instrument-The preparation for oil calorific value instrument installation Hebi city yinghua fuel calorific value of measurement instrument instrument co., LTD-The preparing work before oil calorific value instrument installation...........
LCD touch programmable instrument malfunction analysis and ruled out
Six、Failure analysis and elimination l Thermocouple: Close the power supply,The muffle furnace open the back cover: (1)Check the terminal connected to the thermocouple wire at the end of the thermocouple nut...........
The characteristics of microcomputer when temperature programmed device
2、The characteristic 1、A high degree of automation,USES high-grade single chip microcomputer real-time control system,Various procedures in accordance with the national standard。 2、Stable and reliable performance,Back to the Lord...........
Intelligent muffle furnace common faults and elimination method
Chapter 7 The common faults and elimination method 1, Display thermocouple open circuit,Check the thermocouple wiring。Whether the contact is good,Otherwise, contact the manufacturer。 2,Furnace temperature control,Control...........