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The porcupine breeding Which is strong? Hunan porcupinesSee visionbank The pig is goodIs really strong

Piglet isHonestRoom and boardWord of mouth
Entrepreneurship porcupines Easy to get rich!

Visionbank porcupine breedingContrastOrdinary livestock farming

Visionbank porcupine breedingVisionbank porcupine breedingOrdinary livestock farmingOrdinary livestock farming

The economic benefits

The market price70-90Yuan per kilogram。Quills、The stomach、The liver、Bravery is treasure。Raise a female porcupines benefits become more prominent。Average prices in livestock10-20Yuan per kilogram

Feed costs

Feed cost is low,In order to plant roots、Stems for food,Like eating corn、Potato、Peanuts、Fruits and vegetables, etc,Appetite is small,A porcupine consumes only a day4To5Cent of foodFeed demand is big,The high cost,Now a better production performance pig pig every head production standards(100Kg)To investment costsMore than one thousand yuan

Technology costs

Disease-resistant ability,In the process of feeding,As long as the good control of green feed ratio,Regular insecticide and clean drinking water,Almost no diseaseInto big pig epidemic prevention health care,The cost of pig breeding12%,Disease prevention inputs,The risk is high

The degree of pollution of the environment

Pollution is smallPollution is big

Aquaculture area

100HeadThe porcupine only100m2100HeadThe pig at least500m2

The market demand

The porcupineLean, almost100%,Great taste,Market prospects look goodExcess capacity,Prices remained weak。

Manual input

Farmed porcupine work intensity of light,In generalA work years may raise400-500HeadManual input,High technical requirements,Cultivation difficulty is relatively large

Choose escape visionbank porcupinesFour big reasons

01Excellent service

According to customer requirements for varieties of matching shipments,Inspection before they are introduced,Pay satisfaction
Quality standard,The unconditional return
Full technical support and services

02Good quality

Dongting lake The environment is exquisite Green ecological Natural growth
Zero risk,To ensure the quality

03Supply of goods

Specific requirements Faster response Can beThe four seasons
Its three major breeding base、Production workshop,The annual output can reach1000Head

04The price is low

With the quality The same conditions The price is lower
Duty free enterprise,The product cost is lower,The cooperative bill the customer cost
Straight down13%

About visionbank

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Taoyuan county visionbank porcupine farms

Taoyuan county visionbank porcupine farms in hunan peach garden beautiful scenic area,The farm has a porcupine breeding experience for many years,Breeding base, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality porcupine products,All the year round for the majority of the porcupine farmers provide excellent seedlings and cultivation technology and provide high quality service guidance。Stick to it“The good faith、Strives for realism、Innovation、A win-win situation”The management idea,Set up the standardization、More scientific、Scale、Industrialization、The development strategy of the brand。 The farms provide a porcupine varieties adaptable、Resistance to cold、Grow faster、Extensive resistance、High efficiency、Popular among the country farming…

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The porcupine breeding--To get rich

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